AI Marketplace


Solution catalogs

We create catalogs of solutions in verticals that are currently merchandising. These catalogs provide “entry-point” analytics for the solution of immediate problems, while constructing implementation journeys that foster adoption of each algorithm into workflows. Broader adoption provides progressively increasing intelligence and capabilities, delivering increasingly greater value to the business over time.


Private marketplaces

Analytics management within the enterprise can be accomplished via a private marketplace. Our catalogs make it easy to organize proprietary and private analytics solutions, keeping each solution secure through logging and access control.


Sourcing intelligence

Source top analytics from developers in top laboratories, to create tailored best-of-breed solutions to your business’s unique challenges. The algorithms in our catalog offer a wide range of perspectives designed to complement one another’s insights.


Worldwide data science network

Our global community of top data experts are constantly working to design tomorrow’s analytics solutions. Integrate the latest algorithms before the open market gains access to them, with our innovative onboarding system.



Browse a catalog of millions of open-source algorithms — or choose the right tools for your business from lists evaluated and distilled by our experts. Powerful search tools and filters make it easy to zero in on the algorithms that will benefit your organization most.


Commercial vendors

Develop relationships with cutting-edge data scientists, or purchase solutions from the many commercial organizations vending algorithms through our catalog. As participation on our network continues to grow, so will the benefits to your business.