Our Work

We connect businesses with the intelligence to achieve theirstrategic imperatives.

The Digital Age dynamic business environment demands rapidly evolving analytics solutions.

IaaS makes it easy for businesses to source cutting-edge algorithms from developers worldwide, and leverage those tools to discover novel approaches to their strategic challenge.

Asset Monetization

Develop new revenue streams around your organization’s data and analytical assets. Our marketplace enables your business to build ROI for internal teams, vendors and partners, and third-party buyers across your entire ecosystem.

Analytics Outsourcing

Reboot your business’s analytics strategy by sourcing algorithmic solutions from a worldwide community of data scientists. Our network enables you to deploy more powerful analyses and derive more actionable insights with minimal overhead.

Business Transformation

Achieve greater efficiencies and develop innovative revenue streams, by bringing intelligence to bear on your business’s bottlenecks. Leverage a global catalog of analytics solutions to intelligently transform and optimize your operations.