What is Intelligence-as-a-Service?

IaaS is a self-contained, plug-and-play syndicatable micro-service that delivers intelligence for solving business problems. It works on a stand-alone basis, integrates easily with platforms throughout the business, and enables data and analytics to be shared and deployed across a wide range of platforms and departments.


Building IaaS

We start by defining the analytic mission and fine-tuning the scope of the business problem. Then we source and assemble the data and analytic assets, both from within and beyond the enterprise. Finally, we evaluate and focus each algorithm’s most useful contributions through a process we call “distillation.”


Infrastructure of IaaS

IaaS is a micro-service that can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud. It requires no centralized data architecture, which means data can be staged in an internal data lake, or can operate in a federated environment integrating multiple databases. Solutions can be deployed across user interfaces and file transfer protocols, and can be integrated with a wide range of communication systems, APIs and messaging applications.


Deploying for IaaS

IaaS is designed to integrate not only with digital systems, but also with the behavior of people throughout the organization. It integrates seamlessly into existing interfaces with minimal impact, and plugs into IT infrastructure without disrupting workflows.


Making an Impact

IaaS uses a “collaborative engagement” framework to optimize the ways in which humans gain access to intelligence services. By recognizing human behavioral change as the foundation of adoption, we begin by streamlining internal integration of IaaS solutions, enabling each solution to deliver the greatest possible impact throughout the organization.