There is a new class of problems hindering businesses


Problem is critical to the enterprise’s core business or mission extending outside the boundaries of the enterprise


Fragmented, disparate and poorly managed analytics are being used or little analytics are being used at all. Ssss sssss ssss sss

Old approaches don’t work

Traditional intuitive or analytic approaches are no longer making significant impact

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Complex, hard to recognize signals

Problem is very complex or crosses multiple divisions or business functions (e.g., web, mobile and physical store)


Lots of signals captured within and outside enterprise data sets surround the problem, but little or none of it is being applied

Analytic Interdependencies

No optimization across the enterprise using analytics that interact and are interdependent

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We manage the production of the intelligence services supply chain.

We build intelligence by combining the best algorithms from a marketplace of data scientists, our internal experts, and your existing analytics insights.

We are working with major companies to deliver the intelligence that will help everyone —from foods they eat to how they heal.

We deliver intelligence that achieves new strategic imperatives

We manage intelligence rights

We help artificial intelligence producers and data scientists produce quality outcomes because their rights are protected and businesses get what they pay for.

We enable data scientists to solve real problems

What is intelligence services rights management?

We are the leader in intelligence services rights management

We are the bridge between data scientists and the businesses and organizations that want to use their work. As the leader in intelligence services rights management, we serve as an advocate for the value of your work, representing the work that data scientists and engineers have created, own, use and sell.

How do we do it

We are pioneers
in intelligence services rights

We represent data scientists and engineers in machine learning, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence and protect your rights when your work is used.

Shortest Track is pioneering intelligence services rights in the U.S. and is still nurturing new talent and new intelligence services.

Our Role

For data scientists we maximize income. For businesses we save time and money.

We maximize income for data scientists and save businesses time and money.

We support data scientists, data analytics professionals, and data engineers across all parts of the analytics supply chain—from finding data, cleaning and structuring it, building algorithms, training models, and optimizing outcomes. We take care of the most important part – getting paid.

We help businesses that use data science and artificial intelligence by offering licenses, evaluating performance and outcomes, and monitoring opportunities for continued improved.

Our Technology

We use encrypted micro-service technology, managed through a transparent blockchain to ensure rights are protected.

We syndicate intelligence services enabling intelligence producers to “write once, use everywhere”

We use a robust meta-data abstraction layer to maximize our ability to use intelligence everywhere that you think it delivers a fair price.

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